Lots of fashion shows have been happening chez nous lately. Usually one of the younger girls has a friend over, much makeup is applied, outfits are coordinated, scripts are written, and Frances acts as the emcee, ensuring that she herself never has to actually model an outfit chosen by anyone else.

(These were some of the items involved in this weekend’s shows. I don’t remember how they worked in that pink rubber duck.)
I won’t say WHO said it, but when I told the girls to “make sure you put back all the clothes you’re using,” one of them said,
“Ok. And we’ll also throw out the toilet paper boobs.”
THAT got my attention (if the flashing pink rubber duck and mounds of eye shadow didn’t do the trick). Sure enough, one of them was wearing what amounted to a third of a roll of Charmin down her dress. I couldn’t believe they felt the need to shove toilet paper down their shirts just to fill them out.
I think it’s time I stop letting them watch me get dressed.

Posted in beauty, fashion, parenting on May 19, 2014