Trophy Life

A refreshingly honest, laugh-out-loud novel about losing the life you always wanted… and finding the life you were meant to have. For the last ten years, Agnes Parsons’s biggest challenge has been juggling yoga classes and lunch dates. Her Santa Monica house staff takes care of everything, leaving Agnes to focus on her trophy-wife responsibilities: look perfect, adore her older husband, and wear terribly expensive (if uncomfortable) underwear. When her husband disappears, leaving Agnes and their infant daughter with no money, no home, and no staff, she is forced to move across the country, where she lands a job teaching at an all-boys boarding school in the Bronx. So long, organic quinoa bowls and sunshine-filled California life. Hello, processed food, pest-infested house, and twelve-year-old-boy humor—all day, every day. Trophy Life in the NEWS:
What a breath of fresh air! In Trophy Life, Lea Geller gives us a smart, capable, witty and relatable heroine. Agnes suddenly finds herself in trouble—big trouble—but the path she chooses to find her way back to stability is surprising, entertaining, and ultimately triumphant.
Loretta Nyhan
bestselling author of Digging In
Trophy Life is unputdownable. Lea Geller’s writing is fresh, funny, and relatable, and it’s impossible not to cheer for Aggie, Geller’s plucky heroine, as she wakes up from her so-called dream life and realizes reality offers something even better: a chance to get it right.
Camille Pagán,
bestselling author of Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties
Lea Geller’s novel Trophy Life is a winner of a book. I sat down to read just the first few pages and looked up a day and a half later—it is that good. This novel examines the ongoing search for true happiness, and shows us that sometimes it is found in the most unexpected places, all against the backdrop of an intriguing domestic mystery. It is well-written, absorbing, thought-provoking, and satisfying.
Elizabeth LaBan
bestselling author of Not Perfect
In this absorbing and dazzling debut, Agnes Parsons, a beautiful woman, teacher, and young mother, learns to value the true trophies in life. Author Lea Geller has hit a home run her first time out.
Marilyn Simon Rothstein
author of Husbands And Other Sharp Objects

Lea geller

Lea Geller is a recovering lawyer who lives in New York with her husband and children.

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