>I’m hardly one to go on and on about living in the moment. In fact, I can usually be found rolling my eyes when someone else does. But given that has been a particularly harrowing week, the kids often remind me that sometimes I just need to be a bit more… ugh, I’m about to say it.. present.
Short story: death in the family. Couldn’t fly overseas to the funeral for obvious reasons and have been trying to grieve long-distance. Because life goes on, there’s still work, carpool, lunches, that all require immediate attention. In other words — little time for some necessary wallowing. I’ve talked about it with the kids, and they’ve each said some rather cute things.. but it has been the small things they do that have made me smile.
Bennett discovered Elvis a few weeks ago. Actually, I made the introduction, and it was love at first listen. And then sight. He’s watched videos online, and memorized what he thinks are the lyrics to some of his songs. This morning he asked me to give him “Elvis hair” and handed me a comb and a bottle of hair gel. So, with minutes to go before it was time to leave the house, I styled a little pompadour on this head (luckily for him, he has perfect King hair) and off he went.
Usually when the boys get in the car, they spend the first 5 minutes or so beating the crap out of each other. They, they quickly calm down. It’s really something of a routine. But today vanity won out and he sat straight as a pin, so as not to upset the ‘do. A perfectly civilized car ride. Perhaps a first for us.
When he came home he made me fix his hair again. And the whole episode, including watching him grin as he examined the finished product and reach for his guitar, put a much needed smile on my face.
Thanks Elvis. Wherever you are.

Posted in Uncategorized on Jan 7, 2010