I saw some remarkable sights on our trip to Colorado. I saw this:

And this:

.. and I saw all of M’s family gathered around a table celebrating the remarkable life of his grandmother, who passed away a month ago.
And then I saw this:

It’s official title: backless settee.
It’s beautiful, beautiful function: a certain four year slept on it, at the foot of our bed. Each time she woke up, she popped up, saw me, and went back to sleep. Once in a while she’d grab a foot just to make sure we were there.
What she did not do: climb into my bed and kick the crap out me all night long, steal my blankets, claw her way back into my uterus while I tried to sleep.
Backless settee, I love you so.

Posted in children, home decor on Feb 17, 2015