>While I was in the UK, on a 4 day solo voyage, people kept remarking on my FB updates — especially those about the kids. One relative said, “It’s wonderful! You’re so entertained by your children.”

Am I? Sometimes I am. When I find Fiona sitting naked on the kitchen floor, scooping cake batter out of a bowl with her toothbrush (I’ll never know how she got it down from the sink), I’m certainly entertained.

Other times I’m not so sure.

Last night M and I came home from a supremely hot date night — sofa buying. We were greeted by some garbled tale from the babysitter — something about a chess game gone awry, and one of the boys (unclear which one) being thrown against the bedroom window. Some part of the window came loose (unclear which part), and thankfully, the bars we installed when we moved the boys upstairs prevented whichever boy it was, from falling out of the 3rd story of the house.

I always felt those bars made the room like like a cell in juvey… which is where these boys might end up anyway. Now I know they were a smart move. Ugly, but smart.

Needless to say, I’m not feeling particularly entertained at the moment. We still can’t get a clear picture of what happened from the boys, and for some reason the sitter has more loyalty to them than to us, because she’s not much help either. I lectured them for a good 15 minutes, and when one of them spilled a glass of water all over his breakfast, rendering the whole plate a soggy mess, I threw the whole thing in the sink and yelled a bit. At which point Bennett announced, “I thought you said if we let you nap yesterday you wouldn’t be cranky today.” And so I did.

Posted in Uncategorized on Dec 20, 2009