Dec, 2017

I wouldn’t necessarily call it a resolution, but this year I told myself I’d take one picture a week – specifically, a picture which encapsulates

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Jan, 2015

Winter in NYC. First snowfall and my shitty minivan got stuck at the bottom of a hill. Our house is on the top of the

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Nov, 2014

A new friend told me that any tour of her family’s new house includes a look at her new boiler, which represents a chunk of

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Sep, 2014

I’m sure there’s a funny list somewhere of jimmy-rigged body parts parents wished they had — an actual eye in the back of our heads,

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May, 2014

There were some things I knew would better here (live theater, blah, blah) but I wasn’t expecting access to great produce to be one of

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Apr, 2014

I had to write a short article about Passover, for which I needed a picture of food in my minivan. So I opened a box

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Feb, 2014

I’ve made no secret of my disdain for the minivan. But lately I’ve been feeling sorry for both our cars. They were both purchased on

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Jun, 2013

I can’t call it a coincidence because I know better, but Bennett leaves for sleep-away camp in a couple of hours and I’ve been doubled

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Oct, 2012

My boys seem to regard the roof of the minivan as the extra bedroom we just don’t have. I often walk out to find Efram

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Sep, 2012

In another seemingly endless car ride from the house to the pool, one of the boys begins to tell me about this “kid” he knows.

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