Really, I don’t know why I thought moving from Seattle to NYC would mean less nature in our lives. If anything there has been more, and I’m not just talking about the Wide World of Bugs with whom we seem to be sharing the house.
This past weekend Bennett and some friends were in the house when a bird flew in. A bird. For a boy who is desperate for a pet and who has been trying to catch a nasty black New York squirrel, this was like Hannukah and his birthday rolled into one. The boys chased the bird all over the house and literally scared the shit out of it because we had to remove droppings from several surfaces. (By “we” I am referring to M.)
Eventually Bennett caught the bird … with his hands. He put the poor little critter into the hamster cage that has been unoccupied since Tracy, our little rodent, passed on over the summer.
I told him that catching birds was just like fishing, and he needed to catch and release, which he did.
The bird couldn’t get away fast enough and I can’t say I blame him. Sometimes I feel the same way…

Posted in children, New York City, parenting, Uncategorized on Nov 18, 2013