Karma really is a bitch. While I was away from Seattle, spending ten very sunny days in Colorado, I checked Seattle weather obsessively. You see, it may reveal my ugly underside, but I’m not embarrassed to admit that if I’m away, I like to know that the weather is shitty as possible here — even I’m somewhere sunny. Especially if I’m somewhere sunny. Alas, while I was gone it hit 70 degrees here, which means that people lost their minds for a short while and swam outdoors, walked around in shorts (and ugly sandals), and at all their meals on their neglected decks.
But since my plane touched down last Wednesday it has not stopped pissing rain. In fact, it has been an absolute piss-fest for 6 straight days. Every square inch of me is soggy.
IMG_2070[1]IMG_2075[1]The seconds pic is my four year old raking leaves out of the drainpipe at the bottom of the driveway. If it rains to much and the leaves clog things up, we flood.
Yup, Karma. I had it coming to me.

Posted in children, parenting, Uncategorized on Apr 8, 2013