I suppose we were building up to this:

Due to some internal miscommunication, we left candles burning when we took the enfants to see The Penguins of Madagascar (which also seemed to be the result of internal miscommunication about how many sequels should be allowed).
We got home to the smell of smoke which is still lingering. Three menorahs the kids made in school were in cinders and cannot be replaced. We also destroyed an Ikea desk circa 2000, but other than that and the sentimental value of the menorahs, we lost nothing else.
A Google search (“how to get rid of smoke smell”), led me to this:

There are also bowls of vinegar scattered around.
I can joke all I want, but we truly dodged a flaming bullet last night. Try as we may have, we did not succeed in burning down this house.
That may be our Hanukkah miracle.

Posted in Hanukkah on Dec 24, 2014