I would really, really like a dull moment. As soon as the carpet cleaner swept through the house and miraculously managed to remove the thick white footprints of latex paint from our beloved Turkish carpet, something else cropped up: a dead bird. (On the topic of carpet cleaning, for obvious reasons the boys’ carpet is repulsive. I debate changing it, or ripping it out and putting in hardwood like we have everywhere else, but a new carpet will be revolting within days, and hardwood is so bloody noisy. Hence, the carpet cleaner’s regular visits. I could purchase a steamer like my more competent and industrious friends, but then I’d have to use it, and who wants that?)
Today’s episode: Moments after he came home from school, Bennett found a dead bird outside. I told him to get a shovel and bury it. He went into the garage, from which he is currently banned after a rather unfortunate and messy incident involving a step ladder, some yard waste, and our neighbor’s fence. Fiona lent him her yellow plastic sand shovel and he went to work…. trying to remove the bird’s head. I quickly put an end to that too, and explained that as curious as he was about the inner workings of a bird’s head, that the bird deserved some respect in death as well as life. So, he hastily buried the bird, grabbed a prayer book and performed an entire funeral for the little critter. We all stood solemnly by. For a few moments, all was quiet. Ah, peace finally came to the Geller house.
Until I found Fiona trying to dig it up when she thought nobody was looking. What’s with these kids?

Posted in Uncategorized on Oct 7, 2011