I really am the happiest New Yorker. Every morning I say a little prayer of gratitude for getting to live here. (It took for 40 years for me to say the word “gratitude”… somewhere an angel got her wings. Somewhere else, a little piece of irony died.)
But I could do without the hay-fever.
At the moment, THIS is everywhere.

Those white, fluffy clumps are not dandelions or even clumps of leftover snow (it clung for months). They are pieces of some mysterious alien fluff that has been flying about my neighborhood and causing the majority of the people in my house a lot of grief.
Here’s another look:

It’s hard to snap a picture of the stuff as it floats through the air and right into your mouth, eyes, ears, and hair.. but it’s there.
I read an article somewhere last week in which the author swore the alien fluff had NOTHING to do with the rampant hay-fever that had afflicted all of us.
But every morning I wake and promptly cough up and giant wad of the fluff. I feel like a cat yacking up hairballs, but instead of hairballs it’s clumps of that white, whispy alien shit.
Someone told me not complain. Someone told me that as soon as the hay-fever disappears, it is immediately replaced by scorching heat and suffocating humidity.
I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. Right now I have a hairball to part with…

Posted in New York City, spring, Summer, weather on May 31, 2014