I think I’m on the tail end of the flu, although I am continuously surprised how much mucous my body can produce. If there were phlegm awards, I’d at the very least score a nomination.
I’ve also been dealing with some rather meaty parenting issues. I won’t bore you with details (because really, other people’s problems are rarely juicy and are more often than not, exceedingly dull). Suffice it to say that as a lawyer I spend quite a bit if time advocating for other people’s children, but this week I’ve been working on behalf of my own. I wish I didn’t continually forget that as a parent, it is not only my job to rear these kids, but also to make sure that the other people involved in their rearing have their best interests in mind.
See – I told you it was boring.
At least the other people in the house have been working overtime to keep me smiling. It’s hard not to shed some anxiety when you find loose grapes tumbling about in the icebox.
Or when your husband, who will buy just about anything Amazon has on it’s deal-of-the-day list (want to borrow our laminator or chocolate fountain? want to keep them? please?), brought home this:
This is a banana slicer. M likes to forget that one of my many household rules is never buy a single use appliance, which is why we don’t own a waffle iron, bread-maker or an electric citrus juicer. (Ok, I caved on the toaster, but only after we spent years toasting bread in the oven.) This ridiculous little thing takes up space in the drawer, only does one thing, and doesn’t even do it well. (Really? Do we need to surround ourselves with more things that don’t do their job well?) If the banana is at all mushy, the whole things turns to crap.
Not surprisingly, Efram was especially adept at turning it all to a giant pile of banana mush.
As for other people who made me smile this week, I’d also like to thank the theater-goers of Seattle. Truly. After being treated to a nightmarish display of garish lace tights, too-short skirts, toddler-like over-accessorizing, and boots that should never have been designed (I swear I saw a pair of mukluks), I can honestly say that I was wrong about all the fleece and hiking gear. There IS such a think as “evening fleece,” and please, please, please put it back on. That’s right Seattle. You can all put away your fancy duds. And bring back the fleece.
Thank you.

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