>M and I had the rare pleasure of sleeping until 8.30 this morning. Bennett had gotten Fi and Francie out of their beds.. dressed them, and started to give them breakfast. On weekend mornings we are often treated to what he likes to call a “Breakfast Buffet” — which we like b/c he gets food for himself and his sibs; which we dislike b/c it always involves a carved fruit display and a decent amount of mess and wastage. That’s right — carved fruit. This morning he had carved apples with the logos from the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers. I’m not entirely sure why. I think they might be playing, or have just plays. Who knows.
Anyway, while I lay in bed I contemplated the week that was here in the Geller house.. more specifically, Hannukah. I’ve noticed that a few of my friends do gift-free holidays.. and while it’s certainly laudable (and cheaper), we’ve already gone way beyond the option of a present-less Hannukah. There’d be a bloody mutiny if we tried. Plus, I kind of like presents – giving and getting. Here’s what the kids liked best:
Bennett: his faves were a Peyton Manning jersey/ Colt hat combo and an argyle vest. Kid you not. He’s an odd bird.
Efram: A robot that he’d been coveting, that he plans to program to do his homework. We’ll see how that turns out. He also got an argyle vest.. which he looked at in sheer amazement.
Francie: A polly pockets “Glamper Van” which cost $15, was probably made in China of pure lead, and has led to hours of amusement chez nous — for everyone. That’s right. Efram immediately installed some of his action figures in the Glamper Van… unable to resist the drop-down tv screen and other nifty features.
Fiona: Still young and (somewhat) innocent, she liked the lights, and the idea of presents more than the presents themselves — which is why I seriously thought about hiding some of her toys a few months ago, waiting for her to forget them, and then giving them to her as gifts. I’m making a mental note to do that with Sidney.

Posted in Uncategorized on Dec 12, 2010