I had to go and make fun of that damn doll. I couldn’t keep my snide comments under seal. Nope. Well, the damn girl had the last laugh, because here I am. It’s a Sunday afternoon. I am in New York City. I have been here for 36 hours and am headed back to Seattle in two. This is my only moment, free of any familial obligation, and here I am.
I am not at the MOMA. I am not even at the Uniqlo store. I am in the effing American Girl store. Getting the effing girl’s ears pierced. And hair done, in the exact same style it is in right now. That’s right. I just paid a grown woman twenty bucks to re-braid a doll’s hair.
I am getting royally fleeced.

Next time I’ll keep my big mouth shut.

Posted in birthdays, children, Summer on Jul 15, 2012