Resolutions, how I adore you! You are more than another opportunity to self improve… You are also an opportunity for me to inflict improvement on others.
1. I resolve not to buy any more pacifiers for a certain three year old. More pointedly, I am resolved to be pacifier free come this time next year. (I may have said this last year, but this year I really mean it.)
2. I resolve to continue to fight the baby urge, even when I see things like this: (photographed moments ago on a farm in the Hudson Valley.)

3. Once again, I resolve to tap undiscovered reserves of patience. I must continue to remind myself that all families have black sheep and that every child gets to be the black sheep at least once… a month.

4. I resolve to get Her Lady of the Perpetual Piss and a Moan up on two wheels this year, before her younger sister can bike circles around her.
5. Speaking of biking, I resolve to CONQUER THE SUNDAY. You will spend the day with the family and you will enjoy it, and you will do so without an electronic device in your hand, and without the promise of ice cream.
6. I resolve to reintroduce the bean to our dinners. I’m not sure who exiled the bean or when, but I’m ready for its return.
7. M tells me that last year’s resolution to wear better underwear still needs work. I am re-resolving this one.
8. I also resolve to be a better meal planner, to run faster, and to write at least 25 hours of week. But last year I resolved to give up dairy and then moments later, ate a block of cheese. We’ll see how all that goes.

Posted in children, parenting on Dec 31, 2013