Because I recently blogged about Movember, several people alerted me to Movember’s “sister months” — Decembeaver and Vajanuary.
That’s right folks, never to be left out, women (and if I’m right they’re not just women, but women of the Pacific NW) have decided that they too would like a shot at growing some hair for charity. Given that plenty of women up here in the Seattle area sport hefty mustaches, I was rather surprised to learn that the ‘stache wasn’t the object of the extra growth.
No, the ladies of Decembeaver have decided to stop grooming their bikini areas for the full month, all in the name of charity.
Turns out, that some women had already thought of this, and they spent last Vajanuary letting it all grow out.
I suppose we should be grateful that all this extra hair will be making its appearance in the wintry months, and not in the ten days of summer we get around here. Even still, I’d bet that more than half of the NW women read this and said,
“Wait. I’m supposed to shave that?”

Posted in children, Hanukkah, Seattle on Dec 6, 2012