>I don’t even want to know what goes into the algorithm for Facebook personalized pop up adds. They are either eerily on-point (“trying to loose baby pounds? try the master cleanse!”) or bizarrely off-message (“fertility problems? try our new master cleanse!”). Either way, there is one that I have seen one too often to believe it’s a mistake: a boarding school for troubled youth. Really? Word has gotten out that quickly? Am I now on the admissions list of every school for poorly behaved children?

Lately I feel as thought I’m the headmistress at the Tower of Babel School. Words come out of my mouth. I understand them. My children look at me as I speak, and seem to nod in comprehension. And then they go and do the exact opposite of what I’m saying. Which makes me think: Do they really understand me, or are they faking it? Their sheer defiance (and they continue to look at me as they defy) actually makes me wonder whether or not they understand. I suppose I just hope they don’t get what I am saying. Because otherwise, I really have zero authority in this house. Which is something I’ve suspected all along.

Posted in Uncategorized on Mar 10, 2011