Over the weekend we were having a chat about Israel. One of the boys said something or other about Jerusalem, only he used the Hebrew word for Jerusalem — Yerushalayim.
“Oh!” said Fiona. “My friend L. lives in Yerushalayim!”
Everyone looked puzzled. But not me. I have the mind of a Jedi.
“No, Fiona.” I said. “L. lives in New Rochelle, which can be easily confused with Yerushalayim, but is definitely not the same place.”
The kids aren’t so sure about that last bit. Fiona went to play at L.’s house yesterday and I decided that we would all make the 20 minute drive to pick her up, and then stay in New Rochelle for dinner. Dinner happened at Eden Wok, a Chinese restaurant that on Monday nights is home to the famed all-you-can-eat buffet.
The boys were beside themselves with glee.
“You mean we can get up and fill our plate as many times as we want?” They must have asked this question fifty times.
They were a little unsettled by the missing plate phenomenon — whereby if you take your eyes off your plate for more than ten seconds, a waiter will quickly remove it, forcing you to return to the buffet.
Francie was less impressed. The idea of endless eating is never her idea of a good time.
“What happens when you are full?” she asked. “Do they make you go back for more anyway?”
As it turns out, the real Jerusalem may be pretty awesome, but in the interest of time, money, and endless Chinese food, for now, New Rochelle is the City of Gold.

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