Dear Mummy,
I really think that it would be good for the family (as a whole) to get (me) a dog, and I would just want you to know that I have been thinking long and hard about getting one (this is why I haven’t been getting much sleep). Here is a list of who and how it would affect everybody.
Daddy:  Good: everybody will be happy and caring for the dog. (I don’t think that he notices how much more responsible we have all become.) Bad: He might be a bit tense around the dog, but over time he will loosen up, over time he will not have as many fears.
Mummy: Good: already loves dogs, will be kind and caring towards everybody and support everybody’s fears (of dogs). Bad: No bad here except for that she might have to unwillingly walk it.
Bennett: Good: loves dogs, all good, will be responsible and caring. Bad: may tend not to share the dog with fellow siblings.
Efram: Good: will help Bennett with the dog, and will also care for it. Bad: None really, except for the he might fight with Bennett over rights to the dog.
I, Lea Geller, will or will not purchase a dog for the 11th anniversary of your son, Bennett Geller.
Will:__________________                  Will not:______________________
Lea Geller                                                                       Lea Geller

Posted in children, Uncategorized on Mar 21, 2013