M has been working in the coupon space for a while now, and I thought I’d gotten used to him bringing his work home with him. One Friday evening I was feeling particularly fed up (there’s a special kind of fed up-ness that is unique to Friday evenings in this  house), and I asked for 20 minutes alone, without the kids. There were hours left in my parenting day and I wasn’t sure I could handle another minute if I didn’t escape. I holed up in the bedroom and closed my eyes, if only for a few moments. Seconds later he appears at the door.
“Please tell me this is important. Please tell me one of the kids is on the roof, or just made a smoothie without the lid. Please.”
“Um,” he says.
“M!” I yell. “I now have 17 minutes until I need to be back downstairs with those children of yours. Please share whatever earth shattering news you have, and then let me rest!”
“I see you bought some toothbrushes.” He motions at a pack of 700 toothbrushes I picked up earlier in the day. “Did you buy them on Amazon, because they have a coupon deal right now…”
I didn’t hear the rest of his sentence because I threw the 700 toothbrushes at his head and he quickly left.
Apparently there is a deal on paper towels at the moment, because every day this week, one of these has shown up at my house:
When the UPS man came on Friday, he was chuckling. He just shook his head and dropped the box. I believe I am now in possession of 700 rolls of paper towel as well. Apparently we paid fifty cents for all 700 of them. Please don’t ask me what sort of how-will-I-move-with-this panic this has sent me into. I envision an entire moving van full of paper towels.
This morning, Bennett brought up breakfast on a tray. In addition to a card, he had made me some coupons. One was for breakfast in bed, one was for a nap, and one was for this:
Like father, like son?
Happy mother’s day to me, and to all of you.

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