Before I left for this six day trip alone, Bennett changed the wallpaper picture on my phone to this:

That way I’d know he was keeping an eye on me.
The wedding that took me thousands of miles away was glorious, and now, quite shockingly, I am aching to get back home. I’ve reconnected with old, dear friends, some of my very favorite people on the planet, and I’ve even met some new favorites (you know who you are), but just like Max of the Wild Things, I yearn to return to the people who love me best of all.
I am quite aware that within thirty minutes of being at home, it is possible that I’ll be more than ready to leave again.
I spoke to M yesterday and asked him what funny stories he had for me. He proceeded to tell me how funny it was when he lost Fiona in the mall and when the security guard asked her if she’d lost her mum, she cried, “I’ve lost my whole family!!”
That wasn’t quite the story I was looking for, I said. How about you tell me the story in which you don’t lose my favorite four year old in the mall?
But by all accounts, M has, not surprisingly, been holding it together far better than I could have.
So, home is where I’m headed…

Posted in children on Dec 31, 2012