Every year I get a flu shot and every year, without fail, I get the flu…or a virus which does a mean flu impersonation.
I stumbled into the local pharmacy yesterday to pick up a box of Advil Cold and Sinus, on the advice of my doctor. Before I was allowed to buy a box I had to sign a log and hand over my ID. I asked why and the pharmacist looked at me blankly and said: “Didn’t you watch Breaking Bad?”
No, I have not seen Breaking Bad. I also haven’t read a word of Fifty Shades of Whatever. At some point I may have to explore both in order to be culturally relevant again, but for now I’m blissfully ignorant.
It turns out that in NY they keep track of it when you buy pseudoephedrine, which is a meth ingredient.

I am not making meth at home. I’m making honey cake, which is a lot less interesting but I suspect will get me into less trouble. (I made a batch for Rosh Hashana which came out dreadfully wrong, leaving me to wonder aloud whether anyone really eats the stuff anyway or whether it’s really the fruitcake of Rosh Hashana — necessary but unloved. It turned out that the failed honey cake was remarkably popular, which goes to show everyone that I really know nothing at all.)
Wishing everyone a happy and a healthy (flu-free) New Year.

Posted in baking, New York City on Oct 2, 2014