This month I learned that the G in gmail stands for Google. For months, I had been wondering what it was. How come I had never heard of the company, never met anyone who worked for this gmail..?
I also learned that you can delete messages from your iPhone. I learned this because I stopped receiving email, handed my phone to M (as I do at the first sign of technical difficulty), only to have him tell me that I had 59,000 emails in my inbox.
“Don’t you ever delete emails?”
“Um. I didn’t know I could.” (I remind him that I just cottoned on to that gmail business. Wasn’t that something to be proud of?)
Sometimes I wonder when I’m going to run out of things to do that will give M reason to look at me like the world’s Idiot in Chief.
(Just this morning he told me that hitting the smoke alarm is not the best way to silence it. Maybe so, but it feels awesome.)
It seems like I will never run out of material.


Posted in Uncategorized on Mar 23, 2014