I could write about the five hours that M had to spend in the ER with Bennett getting stitches above his eye as a result if a frisbee mishap, (by the way, one more visit to the ER and we fill out our punchcard and get a free latte), or about the pounding headache I have had for 72 hours straight, about the high emotions running rampant in this house as a result of the NFL playoffs (I think I’m ready for this fakakte season to be over), or about a series of other events that have me losing sleep and gaining grey hair… but instead I want to think about something happy instead.
Here’s something silly, if not happy:
M came home with a camera that links up to our cellphones. Thankfully, instead of using it to spy on me in my underwear, the boys put it outside so they could spy on some birds nesting in the rafters of our porch:

They wanted to check on the camera’s positioning without disturbing the birds, so they camouflaged themselves. I found these outside:

It’s neither uproarious nor snarky, but it made me smile… And that’s something I sorely needed this week.

Posted in children, footall, health, NFL, Seattle, Summer on Jan 12, 2013