On holiday. There were so many beautiful, spectacular, moving sites – sunsets, happy children, rolling waves. But perhaps the most moving site was one I spotted at the Waldbaums supermarket early yesterday morning (and this, btw, is how I know I’ve been married to M for a loooong time) —

(nor am I living in Seattle any longer, which would apparently require me to instantly post this sale to Facebook.)
I buy none… nary a single bottle. Instead I save the task for the person I know it will most please. As my father in law is 2500 miles away – this leaves M. There are a few things that please this man more than besting kosher price gouging.
I text him a picture. Moments later he is in the car on the way to the store where he buys two cases. This morning he bought three more. It is a good thing we bought two cars on this trip because as a friend commented, it was unclear which of the kids we would be forced to leave behind to make room for all the grape juice. 
Have I mentioned it is only day two of the trip?

Posted in Uncategorized on Aug 25, 2015