We all know Mr. Bennett is something of a morning person. On Tuesday night the baby was up more than usual and Francie climbed into our bed while we were too asleep to notice… fortunately I got four really good hours of sleep between 2.30 and 6.30. Until I was awoken by the house alarm, which Bennett had once again tripped by sneaking out to play basketball or ride his skateboard down the alley. I should probably give him a code, but that doesn’t sit well with me.. given his criminal inclinations (I once found him forging gift cards on the computer).
This morning it was wet and windy. Ah, Seattle in the Spring. I assumed that he’d hang out inside until it was time for school.. but the second M went downstairs, he bolted and headed for the deck to fly his kite. I could barely muster the energy to sign my name when I checked out at Trader Joe’s this morning. How come he gets ALL the energy?

Posted in Uncategorized on Mar 30, 2011