Living with a toddler really is like housing a terrorist. At any moment she could blow and we can do nothing but react. There are no steps of prevention, no safety measures to take. We just wait. And our choices are limited to: 1) remove her and 2) remove her quickly.
Yesterday we had the brilliant idea that Sid and I would accompany M and the other four kids to Snoqualmie for ski lessons. I would be an extra pair of hands to ‘help’ M get them all to their classes and then back to the car at the end. And what could be more brilliant than bringing an ornery two year old along?
She screamed and yelled for two hours straight. At one point I took her out of the lodge because she was making so much damn noise. But it was cold outside and we had to steer clear of Fiona’s class, because when she saw us she cried, plopped down in the snow, and refused to move.
Today wasn’t much better. I bravely took all five to the dentist (happy MLK day to me!), where Sid was mostly an angel. She was great in the chair (away from me), but while waiting for the others, she snuck in and stole all the no-cavity prizes from the box.
Later, at a coffee shop, she threw such a tantrum we had to leave early because I was getting snarky looks from all the laptop users (get an office, people).
I think at this point we are going to leave her at home until she is three.
Wanna watch her?

Posted in children, Seattle on Jan 21, 2013