I have gotten some emails as of late asking me why I haven’t written in the past two weeks. Truthfully, I had no idea two weeks went by. The back to school blitz is unrivaled in its ability to completely throw my life into complete disorder. I do not understand Back to School Nights because I do not understand why it makes sense for parents to be gone at night during the first weeks of school when we are most needed at home. Why not have them before school starts when the only thing being interrupted is marathon TV watching? I also do not understand why schools need to force parents to go back to school and relive all of their school day hell right at the beginning of the school year. (When it appeared that I could not get a seat in the back of one class, and that the only free seat was in the front, directly under the teacher’s watchful glare, I broke down and wept to a friend (“You have no idea how stressful this is for me.”); she gave me her seat.)
But I digress.
Another reason I have not written is because I have been crafting, so to speak. We are having work done on our house, because like all old things, it may look okay on the outside but inside it is falling apart.
While there are workers of all sorts in the house, I have been trying to keep myself busy.
So I did this:

The inside of this china cabinet was white until I got busy with some green paint and a brush.

And this awesomeness was once brass with little leopard shades (to match the leopard trim in the room.)
I have, however stopped crafting now as I realize that I seem to have reached the end of my ability and anything else that I do will cost me more to fix than to find someone else to do it in the first place.
That’s right – I’m back.

Posted in children, home decor, home improvement, New York City, parenting on Sep 18, 2014