Here’s something you don’t want to hear from your boys’ bathroom:
“Hey, Efram ….. BACKBOARD!!!!”
Apparently, this is a backboard:

The thing the ball hits before it gracefully slides down into the net. Well, in our house, the backboard ALSO seems to look something like this:

Yup. The thing the pee hits before it dribbles down into the toilet.
Fabulous. The “backboard” shriek is soon followed by this:
“We could have a whole point system! Hey Mummy, can we have a Sharpie ?”**
I immediately envision something like this hastily sketched on the inside of the toilet seat:

As a parent I hardly want to stifle the creative urge. Having said that, I’m not sure I want the urge running amok in their bathroom. As usual, I reply with stunning grace and clarity.  Still, it’s a wonder I don’t have more grey hairs, haven’t taken to binge drinking in the afternoon [no, tea does not count], or wandering the neighborhood looking for sympathy. Still, I don’t rule any of it out. If you see someone walking the streets wearing the same clothes she’s been running in all week, dirty hair jammed into an even dirtier baseball cap, quietly muttering to herself… don’t honk. Please. I startle easily.
** Sharpie=the indelible, un-erasable, not-going-anywhere marker that is often implicated in the plotting and scheming of my young children.

Posted in Uncategorized on Feb 15, 2012